Research Detail


The ACCA method employed by PETROSCANZ is used to identify coating anomalies on buried pipelines by measuring the strength of an electromagnetic field around the pipe occurring as a result of an applied alternating current signal. When an AC signal flows along a straight conductor it will produce a symmetrical magnetic field. Electromagnetic induction is used to detect and measure the intensity of the signal, and the resultant pipe current is calculated.

Where no coating anomalies exist, the current will attenuate at a constant rate. The rate of attenuation will depend on the coating properties. A significant change in the current attenuation rate can indicate coating anomalies. During analysis of the logged data along a buried pipeline, PETROSCANZ will compare the gathered ACCA data to the complimentary ACVG data to validate any suspected anomalies. As ACCA data can be influenced by geometrical effects (distance to pipe, bends, turns, vertical rises), comparison to an alternate method is essential.

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