Research Detail


PETROSCANZ has skilled technicians at all our office locations that specialize in Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS) Close Interval Potential Surveys can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a Cathodic Protection system applied to a buried pipeline.

As the name indicates, the survey is an evaluation of the soil to pipe potentials at close intervals (typically 3m or less) along the pipeline. The CIPS survey can also indicate areas affected by interferences and coating defects. PETROSCANZ will conduct CIPS surveys with the aid of rectifier interrupters to evaluate on/off potentials along the pipeline right of way.
It is advantageous to survey the pipeline in close intervals rather than available test posts, as the Close Interval Potential Survey can provide additional data with respect to cathodic protection along the pipeline that may not be measurable at test posts only.
PETROSCANZ recommends the CIPS evaluation to be used in conjunction with ACCA/ACVG coating evaluations because the CIPS survey will identify adequate CP system protection at any identified anomalies.
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